Skulpturpark Koster



Permanent Installation, Drift Wood

Solveig Egeland's cabins are built with materials from the forest and drift wood from the Koster Sea. The experience of being in the cabins therefore gives the visitor a feeling of being in tune with the surrounding environment. It's about finding back to something that is stored in the spinal cord. Chop wood, carry water, walk barefoot on the path. Values that most of us appreciate, but which may have been overshadowed by our prosperity and over-insulated walls. Walls that have become so thick that we can neither hear nor smell the sea, the wind or the rain. With their organic shapes and materials, Egeland's cabins form small rooms that interact with nature, and remind the visitor of the joy that lies in the simple.

Do you want to spend a night in the cabins? Contact our park master Stefan von Bothmér to book your stay in Egeland's nature room!