Skulpturpark Koster



Permanent Installation

The Pioneer is a interactive sculpture by Hilda Fürst, taking its inspiration from suits of armour, diving-suits and space-suits from times past. It hangs between birches in the park, and is put together with screws and stitches, which make its joints relatively mobile. When Hilda came across piles of enamelled buckets, pots and other vessels in a remote place in the middle of the forest, she instinctively felt like transforming them into art. She has done this, partly to protect animals and nature from sharp and rusty enamel objects, but at the same, because the patinated surfaces seemed to pass on a secret. What has happened here? The sculpture was shaped into a kind of suit of armour to wear. As the shape was formed, Hilda’s sense of it carrying on a story, that it contained traces of some period of time – hence the title. In the Sculpture Park time will continue to attack the metal and create new stories together with the visitors.

Fürst is a Gothenburg based textile artist with a BFA in Textiles, Body and Form from HDK Steneby. She has previously held exhibitions in Halmstad Konsthall, Galleri Konstepidemin and Konsthallen Lokstallet, and worked as costume designer and scenographer for a number of film and theatre productions.