Skulpturpark Koster

Skulpturpark Koster is situated on Sydkoster, a socio culturally important place with invaluable nature resources, some parts being in Kosterhavets Nationalpark. From a project based operation, we offer an extended experience of art and nature. The Sculpture Park aims at inspiring conversations and thoughts regarding the relationship between human
beings and their environment, contemporary art being the starting point. In the Sculpture Park artists are encouraged to highlight parts of the Koster landscape. The park walk follows an old path where Långegärde residents Albertina and Charlotta herded their cows to summer grazing. On the way to Bôlebacken you, as a visitor, will pass a number of exhibition rooms, formed by time-weathered rocks and wild greenery. Here you will find, not only temporary and permanent installations, but also the experience of music and light outdoors. Some artworks will offer perhaps protection from rain or help you to view the surroundings in a completely new way. Sometimes artists hold workshops which you take part in.

+46 706001313

My Slögher – Chairwoman & Artistic Director
Ellen Brodin – Vice Chairwoman & Coordinator
Stefan von Bothmer – Board member & Park master
Karolina Westesson – Board member & Curator
Matilda Söderberg – Alternate & PR/Communications manager