Skulpturpark Koster


02.04. – 04.04.2021

To prepare the site for the upcoming summer programme, the sculpture park invited visitors to participate in a few days of clearing work. The participants had the opportunity to encounter with old and new members, discover the park and familiarise with the new plans for the park.

Throughout the weekend, old vegetation was cleared out and disposed of at a corona-safe distance. Park keeper Stefan taught the visitors about park maintenance, nature conservation, and the Sculpture Park's bustling vegetation. On Easter Eve a fire-heated lunch pot with home-grown vegetables from Kosters Trädgårdar was served.

The clearing work generated new nooks and crannies where future exhibitions can take place, and freed overgrown paths to increase the accessibility of the park. After the weekend, the team held a clearer vision about where future plans can take place.

Thanks all participants who wanted to stop by and celebrate Easter with us!